Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Annapolis, Maryland Watercolor

I didn't take a good photo of this painting before I sent it off. The shadow across the top of the painting is bothering me, but oh well. This was a commission for a wedding gift of someone who lives and was married in Annapolis, Maryland. I've never actually been to Annapolis, but it looks like a beautiful place!

Wedding Date Art

 My brother got married in November and I made this painting to hang in his home as a reminder of he and his wife's special day. It will also be a good reminder to make sure my brother never forgets his anniversary :)
My 6-year-old daughter worked beside me and made her own version for them. 

Britt Bass Copy

My sister and I did a trade recently where she sewed me a beautiful  new skirt and in exchange I made her this painting. She liked the colors and style of Britt Bass's artwork, so I did a "copy" of one of her paintings. A quick picture of the original painting is below...

Funeral Program

Earlier this year I was able to help with the program for the funeral of a sweet little boy who passed away suddenly. I didn't know his family directly, but my cousin was assisting with the funeral and enlisted my help. I painted a simple wreath for the front of the program, as well as some little leaf branches that were used inside the program. 

My prayers have been with this dear family as they've dealt with Charlie's passing. It's a heartbreaking situation and I'm happy I could help in this small way.