Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's About Time

Watercolors were once my forte, but then I got going with acrylics and oils and I haven't painted with watercolors for nearly three years. This past week I finally dove back into it. What a great feeling. I took off the lid of my palette and immediately smelled that old familiar smell of the paints. I never liked the smell before, but now it's a welcome scent! My palette was still covered in the mixed colors of my last watercolor project from 2006. How glad I was that I hadn't washed it off. Now I feel like I can mix back into those colors and start right where I left off, with the same remnants of yellow ochre and pthalo blue that I left years ago.

It's been a wonderful week of painting, painting for at least an hour a day, with Brynlee either by my side or napping. I've got to keep this routine up. I had forgotten my love of watercolors and the rush that comes from painting with them!

Pictures to come!